Product Information and Video Tutorials

Shoulder Brace

Designed to treat rotator cuff injuries, shoulder instabilities, and anterior dislocation of the G-H joint. This shoulder brace immobilizer features an ambidextrous design, fitting either the right or left arm.  The ventilated canvas sling keeps patients cool and dry while the simple strapping design allows for easy application and adjustment.

Back Brace

The Back Brace is a lightweight, low-profile alternative to traditional osteoarthritis braces, combining optimum support and patient comfort, making it ideal for the active wearer.  Made from durable neoprene with a reinforced mesh backing, this low-profile brace ensures a snug fit while remaining breathable and preventing skin irritation.  The malleable hinge uprights allow for a custom load adjustment, while the hinge itself creates both flexion and extension control.

Knee Brace

Designed for patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis of the knee. This brace is a low-profile brace with 3 points of leverage for reducing pressure inside the knee joint.  It’s universal and fits a wide variety of patients easily.  The strapping system allows for full adjustment and also features quick snaps for quick and easy application.

Wrist Brace

The wrist brace is a great aid in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, soft tissue injuries, as well as mild sprains of the wrist.  It’s lightweight material enhances the wearer’s comfort while the hook straps and d-ring closures ensure easy application as well as optimal support and compression.  The breathable lycra lining of this splint promotes maximum ventilation while the precisely – sculpted, narrow webspace prevents pinching.  One Size Fits All..